Nominated for 2021 - Lockdown LOL award

Backstage at Disney Shorts

What began as a way to escape the doldrums of quarantine, has blossomed into a series of videos paying homage to and lampooning Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color!


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house of future Pt. 1

house of future Pt. 2

house of future Pt. 4

DISNEY series finale

What the press is saying


Nominated for the 2021 “Queerties” award for “Lockdown LOL”

“Each year The Queerties recognizes the best in LGBTQ culture and media.”

– Queerty


Jack Plotnick’s Retro Tiki Room Sendup Is a Delight

“Jack Plotnick has created a brilliant musical about the jaded women toiling behind the scenes.”

– World of Wonder


Disney Imagineers Navigate Sexual Tension in Queer Musical Spoof

“Jack Plotnick created a wonderfully gay reimagining of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.”

– The Advocate

Jack Plotnick’s brilliant spin on Disney will make poor Walt turn over in his grave

“The comic genius Jack Plotnick so made our week with another of his blisteringly funny Disney spoofs.  The very wicked sense of humor from this multi-talented writer/director/ actor/ teacher/ mentor is a sheer joy to behold.”

 – QueerGuru


Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room beautifully satirized by Jack Plotnick

“I was beginning to worry Jack Plotnick was done making videos but then this one showed up—phew!  Brilliantly funny.”

– BoingBoing


These Hilarious Disney Studio By Jack Plotnick Are Works Of Art

“If you’re into vintage Disneyland, Mary Blair art, or Imagineering, prepare to laugh.
The videos are clearly a labor of love – no one puts this much effort into making fun of behind-the-scenes Disney studio life unless they have a deep appreciation for it — and Plotnick manages to effectively satirize the bygone era’s workplace improprieties like drinking on the job and womanizing.”

– CartoonBrew


Sacred cows are skewered in this hilarious satire of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

“You may never think of beloved artist Mary Blair the same after viewing actor Jack Plotnick’s hilarious lampoon of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. In Plotnick’s version of the 1965 series, viewers are once again taken behind-the-scenes to meet with Disneyland imagineers, only this time the polite veneer filtering the sexism and ill-advised design concepts (The “It’s a Small World” song should really be a registered torture device) are met head-on.”

– BoingBoing


Jack Plotnick Satirizes Classic Disney Show

“Plotnick imagines a hilarious conversation focusing on the infamous its a Small World song.  Plotnick’s genius extends beyond his brilliant, hilarious take on this show. Recently he co-wrote and directed the feature film, “Space Station 76.

disney matters


Jack Plotnick takes aim at Disney’s Its A Small World

“The actor/writer/producer and comic genius Jack Plotnick has enjoyed a very successful and busy career. On YouTube now are Plotnick’s completely hilarious brand new parodies of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.  If you are old enough to remember the 1965 original’s, you’ll start to realize how duped you were back then. As Plotnick’s lampoon’s these (precious) childhood memories  you’ll realize “It’s (not  just) A Small World After All” it’s also a sexist, racist patronizing one too.”

 – QueerGuru